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    My Version Of How The Clans Came To Be


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    My Version Of How The Clans Came To Be

    Post  SilverMoon on Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:04 am

    (this is my version of what i see in my head on here^^)

    Many moons ago, the forest was a wilderness untamed by territories. In the north lay sweeping moorland; In the south was dense woodland. On the edge of the trees, there was a river that flowed over a dark ravine. Cats came into the forest, drawn into the soft grasses by small, scuffling creatures. These were small groups of cats, not yet Clans. There were no borders set down, and fighting was constant, fearful that prey would run out. It was a lawless and bloody time. Most of the cats died.

    One night, the moon was full. The cats agreed to meet a clearing surrounded by four huge oak trees. They aregued over prey. Claws slashed, angry yowls screamed across the foreest. A terrible battle followed, and blood spilled all across the forest.

    Many cats died that night. Exhausted by their wounds, the cats slept where they fought. When they woke they were bathed in moonlight. All around them, they saw the spirits of their slain kin. No longer torn and bloody, but shining like fallen stars.

    They huddled on the ground and foretold of a horribly bloody future. Their kits being stalked by death at every awstep and danger lurking about every corner.

    "Unite or die." The spirits said. From among the living cats, a golden female was the first to speak. She arose on stiff and battle wearied legs. "My name is Sun." She mewed. "How should we unite if we have no leader? I can hunt swiftly and silently through the day without being seen, let Sun rule the forest!" She yowled.

    "And you would lead us into darkness too!" A white female with brown eyes was the second to speak. "I am Moon! I can swim the fastest and walk across thin ice without difficulty. Let Moon rule the forest!" She yowled.

    "The forest is more than Sun and Moon." Growled a black tom with white paws and white ears. "I am Ice! Ice alone reaches the end of the forest and shakes it to its roots. I should be the one, to rule the forest." Ice yowled.

    The last to speak, was a pitch black she-cat. "What good is any of that compared to my will and leadership skills? If any cat was born to rule, tis I." War said.

    A loud yowled broke from Ice, Moon and Sun. Dark clouds covered the moon and the living cats trembled in fear. On top of a great rock, a tabby female with amber eyes was standing. Her eyes flashed angrily at the cats on the ground.

    "You all are as foolish as ducks!" She yowled. "Cant you think for once beyond yourselves? Think of your kits!" She yowled. The four cats, Moon, War, Sun and Ice stared at the she-cat, but said nothing.

    "The forest is big enough to feed all of your families, and many more." She meowed when the sounds died down. "You must find other cats like yourselves, find a home in the forest and set down forders." She yowled.

    At that moment, the moon broke free of the clouds and revealed starlit spirit-cats. A gray tom stepped forward. "If you do this." He mewoed. "We will reward you with eight more lives, so that you may lead your Clans for many moons to come." He meowed.

    Next, a slender, spotted she-cat stepped forward. She lifted her head to the sky. "We will watch you from Silverpelt." She promised. "We will visit you in your dreams, and guide you on your journeys." She purred.

    "Once a month." The white tom said. "You will join here in truce to discuss goings on in the forest. And it will be done, without bloodshed!" He yowled.

    "You will be warriors!" The she-cat stepped up again. Ice, Moon, War and Sun bowed their heads. "From now on, you will live by a warrior code, and your hearts will be filled with coruage and nobility." She said. "And, if you fight, it will not be for greed, but for honor and justice." She yowled.

    War nodded. "This is wise. I think we can fairly divide up the forest and and lay down our borders in peace." She purred. One by one, the other cats murmered their agreement. Then they returned to their homes and sought cats like themselves.

    Within a few weeks, LavaClan was lead by Warstar! SnowClan was lead by Sunstar! IceClan was lead by Icestar and MoonClan was lead by Moonstar!

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    Re: My Version Of How The Clans Came To Be

    Post  War(admin) on Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:24 am

    WAY better then mine!

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