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    Post  Blue on Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:12 am


    Age:6 Moons

    Male/Female: Female

    Bio of Physical: http://georgiarose.deviantart.com/art/Cat-Nap-53191398

    Personality:Blue is a sobmissive cat, she never likes to tell anyone anything.Her caml nature makes her able to get along with most everybody.

    History:She was born blind unable to see anything, but as she got older she leared that she could see the vibations of her mother and could see her outline. When she told her mother this she was afraid of her and left her to die. Now she romes the forest looking for a clan to understand her and not be afraid.

    Position:none(for right now)

    Clan (if any):none

    Example of role-play:Each step Blue took on the dead leaves sent light gleaming all around, but as soon as she stopped moving everything was dark. She flicked her tail in dismay.I wonder if I'll always be this way.

    Password:Will of the Stars

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    Re: ~Blue~(None)

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